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United States Bowling Congress

Buzzard Club

"The Hanging Judge Chapter"

of Ft. Smith, AR

Home of 35th BCOA National Bowling Tournament 2009


League Officers

Ray Choate (President)
Ronnie Loque (1st Vice)     Judy Churchwell (2nd Vice)
Pamela Sebo (Secretary)     Jeannie Hill (Treasurer)  
Mike Nelson (Sgt @ Arms)    Karla Logue (Historian)   

Bettie Churchwell     Don Clack
Richard Bandy

Correspondance Coordinator
Bettie Churchwell

The purpose of the club is to bring together all sanctioned bowlers who have had at least three splits of any variety in a row in one game and to promote the fun and fellowship of bowling.

Each month we gather at one of the Fort Smith bowling houses - Bowling World one month, then Midland Bowl the next. We have a general business meeting lasting approx. 45 minutes before we bowl. The business meetings are to keep our members infomed of chapter activites. This is also when we hand out prize money to last month's winners.

The Buzzard Club is a national organization. Each year the National Buzzard Club Tournament is hosted by one of the Buzzard Club Chapters. The tournament takes place during the first part of August each year.

Our annual banquet is held in September of each year. Tickets go on sale in July. This is a catered event with live entertainment where all the Buzzards get to cut loose and shake their tail feathers!!! Lots and lots of door prizes are given away and everyone has a GREAT TIME!!!

Schedule 2010-2011

(The Flock gathers for meeting at 1:15 P.M. and bowls at 2:00 P.M.)

 Sunday    Sep. 19th      Midland

 Sunday    Oct. 17th      Bowling World

 Sunday    Nov. 21st      Midland

 Saturday  Dec. 11th      Bowling World

 Sunday    Jan. 16th      Midland

 Sunday    Feb. 20th      Bowling World

 Sunday    Mar. 20th      Midland

 Sunday    Apr. 17th      Bowling World

 Sunday    May  15th      Midland

 Sunday    Jun. 12th      Bowling World

 Saturday  Jul. 9th       Midland

 Sunday    Aug.  21st     Bowling World

  August 9-12, 2012   38th BCOA National Tournament   Tyler, TX

Aug. 12-14, 2011   37th BCOA National Tournament      San Antonio, TX

 Aug. 13-15, 2010   36th BCOA National Tournament      Irving, TX

 July, 31
 August 2-3, 2009   35th BCOA National Tournament      Fort Smith, AR

 August 1-3, 2008   34th BCOA National Tournament      Montgomery County, TX

 August 3-5, 2007   33nd BCOA National Tournament      Dallas, TX

 August 4-6, 2006   32rd BCOA National Tournament      Dallas, TX.

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